About The Artist


I was born in San Francisco in the 60’s. The gritty and serene nature of California – from the local tidal pools of the Pacific, to the massive Golden Gate Bridge, and the colorful aspects of Haight Ashbury district – drove my early passion for photography. I taught myself the basics starting with 110 and 126 Instamatic cameras, as well as a vintage Polaroid. At the age of 14, I received my first real camera, a Pentax ME. My pride in this camera drove me to be a late adopter to newer digital technology and stick with the Pentax until chemical darkrooms became nearly extinct in the early 2000’s.

Once digital became the only feasible option, I was fortunate that my mentors Dusty Doddridge and Josh Merrill were willing to adopt a cranky luddite like me. They gave me a renewed confidence in the digital world and rekindled my passion. Using a macramé camera strap from childhood, and a second hand digital Nikon, I traveled with Dusty and Josh to the National Parks, the Colorado Rockies the Southwest, Norway and Iceland. My favorite part of these photography adventures has been balancing the technical demands of taking a quality photo against the “big picture”: the responsibility of adequately capturing the curiosity and wonder that exists in this world.

In my lifetime, I hope to photograph the Gobi desert, hike the Camino de Santiago and make a perfect Tarte Tatin.